You don’t have to be lonely…

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Loneliness is a major epidemic in our world today. Honestly, it may be one of the most prevalent issue facing our society. The feeling of being lonely can drive us to do the most insane things.

Have you ever texted your ex who you really know isn’t right for you? Side effect of being lonely. Ever go out with the wrong crowd? Side effect. Pretended to be someone you’re not? Side effect. Eat a whole gallon of ice cream? Side effect.

The list of side effects from this painful disease could go on and on and on. If it were a medication your doctor recommended and you looked up the side effects it could cause, you’d probably think twice about taking it.

So why do we choose to take a dose of loneliness every day?

I can hear you yelling at me now, “You think I choose loneliness?!” Well, yeah, I do.

But I’ve also chosen loneliness too.

“But Mariah, I would NEVER choose to be lonely!!!”

Yeah, I thought that too pal.

Until I was complaining to God about my loneliness.

He just has a way with putting us in our place (in the most loving way possible) when we throw pity parties. Everyone deals with their struggles in different ways, but mine happen to be through full on pity parties (shout out to my fellow partiers).

Disclaimer: Don’t judge us pity partiers; if you don’t deal with your struggles the same way I do, the way in which you do is probably not healthy either. Unless you have life all figured out in which I ask you to please DM me for suggestions.

During my latest pity party, I was complaining about loneliness on all fronts. Please don’t get me wrong, I have friends (at least that’s what I want you to think… KIDDING). But loneliness has a way of creeping in, no matter how many friends you have, how in love you are with your significant other, or how many loyal dogs you have laying in your bed at night. That’s why loneliness is so ugly.

When I was in the peak of my party, God whispered to my heart:

“You are too precious to Me to let you experience the pains of loneliness. That’s why I sent Holy Spirit. So that the word ‘lonely’ shouldn’t even be apart of your vocabulary. But far too often, My sons and daughters overlook Holy Spirit and cry to me about being lonely.”

Wow. That was a lot. Let’s break this down into parts.

“You are too precious to Me to let you experience the pains of loneliness…”

First of all, our Dad, Yahweh, thinks that you and I are far too precious to experience the kind of hurt and disappointment that comes with loneliness. He doesn’t want us to be lonely. He doesn’t want us to hurt. He WANTS us to feel loved, cherished, and wanted. The lie that God does things to hurt us is invalid. He desires to bless us.

He also recognizes the pains that come with loneliness. He recognizes that loneliness HURTS. That the side effects are all too painful. He doesn’t down play our feelings, but He recognizes our hurts.

“...That’s why I sent Holy Spirit. So that the word ‘lonely’ shouldn’t even be apart of your vocabulary…”

Like we mentioned in the line before, He doesn’t want us to feel lonely. He wants to bless us. So He did. He sent Holy Spirit to be with us. The Bible says that He never leaves our side. And knowing that God, Yahweh, is sitting on the throne with Jesus on His right side, we must recognize that it is Holy Spirit that is walking this day-to-day mundane life out with us.

Holy Spirit is the one that sticks closer than a brother. He is the best friend we’ve been praying for. He is the ultimate cure to our loneliness. We just must accept His friendship.

“…But far too often, My sons and daughters overlook Holy Spirit and cry to me about being lonely.”

This is the hard hitter. The reason that we experience loneliness. WE overlook Holy Spirit. Yahweh has blessed us with this friendship, yet we look over His head to look for someone else.

Friendship with the Holy Spirit is the only friendship that will quench the loneliness you’re facing. We already discussed how loneliness can sneak in at any season, but when you’re communing with Holy Spirit, loneliness is forced to walk out the door. They can’t be in the same room.

Friendship with Holy Spirit is unlike any friendship we have on this planet, but it is similar in the way that it must grow. Right now, you may be strangers to each other. Holy Spirit is always there, but you have ignored him for years. If that’s the case, that’s okay. He still wants to be friends.

The more time you spend with Him, the more you talk with Him, and the more you stay in His presence, the closer you will become. You might not hear Him at first, but the more you talk to Him (I know it can feel like you’re talking to the wind, but don’t give up), the more you’ll start to recognize His voice above the others.

You CAN’T be lonely with the Holy Spirit. How beautiful is that?

Don’t believe me? Try it.

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