Why We Do Our Best Thinking In The Shower

You’ve been staring at a blank computer screen all day, you’ve been trying to solve that problem in life that’s been staring back at you for days, you’ve been searching for the answer to that one question… when you decide to give it a break and take a shower.

We’ve all done it! A break from all that thinking is good for the soul.

And if you’re anything like me, that shower has not only been refreshing and life giving, but it has brought many ideas and insights to what you have been working on.

Have you ever just had the best idea EVER while in the shower? Or finally figured out the answer to what you have been working on all day? Some companies bank on these shower moments (aka the invention of waterproof paper for your shower).

Pause that thought.

There have been MANY researches done to find out what our biggest fear (collectively) is in life. The most common results have been fear of dying alone, being inadequate, and clowns (we get it, the circus scarred you for life). But as I’ve done my own (unofficial) research, I’ve come to the conclusion that as scary as these things are, they are not the biggest fear of our generation.

Back to the shower.

Although there have been some inventions that have lead us to bringing some technology into the bathroom shower (that was a weird sentence to write), for the most part, we leave our cell phones outside of the shower. It is one of the rare times of day that we part with the device that has become like another part of our body.

The shower causes us to separate from the noise of the world, whether we like it or not. Some people listen to music in the shower (or throw their own fantastic concerts), but that’s not the kind of noise I’m thinking of. The noise of social media, the news, new tweets every .2 seconds, and the like can sometimes be as overwhelmingly noisy as Times Square. But the shower is the one place that these noises are distant.

Okay.. so what’s with all the shower talk?

Although we tend to have these brilliant ideas, epiphanys, and refreshing moments in the silence of our shower, we limit it to these moments.

Contrary to what some believe, I don’t think the key to all these things is the actual shower. I think the key is silence.

I believe that silence is the greatest fear of our generation.

Think about it, when was the last time you chose silence? I’m not talking about physical silence alone, but silence without your smartphone/laptop as well. It can be easy to sit in a quiet room and scroll through insta for half an hour, but true silence is hard.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to sit in pure silence (no screens) for 5 minutes. Then get back to me.

But I don’t believe that this is our greatest fear for no reason. I believe that the enemy has been waging a war on silence for years.

If you’ve ever read much of the New Testament, you know that Jesus did a lot of “getting away”. He was often found on a mountain away from His friends or in a place away from the crowd. He was always looking for ways to fully embrace silence.

And the beautiful words and ideas that came from this silence were earth shattering.

The enemy knows the value in silence. He catches a glimpse of it when we take a shower and come out with ideas of value.

How dangerous would we be if we embraced a little bit of silence every day and asked The Lord to fill our silence with His words?

But instead, the enemy has waged a war on silence. He has kept us from feeling comfort in the quietness.

We feel anxiety in the noise, but we refuse to turn it off. What kind of life are we living?

What would happen if we had 5 minutes of silence every day with Our Father? Would our lives look different? Would we be more at peace? Would we be rid of anxiety?

I challenge you to embrace silence. Don’t fall into the trap. Face your biggest fear.

What does this look like?

Walking to class without headphones on (WHAT?!), drive without music on (THERE’S NO WAY!), sit on the potty without scrolling through insta (CAN THAT EVEN BE DONE?!)

I can hear you yelling at me as we speak, but I dare you to try it.

Be like Jesus. Wage a war on noise. Sit in silence.


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