Why I Rarely Wear Makeup

There are only a few reasons you’re reading this post after reading the title:

A) You want an excuse to never put on makeup again

B) You want to find out why I rarely wear makeup and find reasons to tell me I should

C) You’re really curious

Whatever your reason, I bet it’s not what you think.

To start off with, this post is in no way, shape, or form meant to discourage anyone from wearing makeup. If you love it, go for it! I’m just here to explain why it was more of a stumbling block for me than anything.

It all started in middle school when all of the sudden makeup was a thing. If you’re a girl who has made it past elementary school, you know what I’m talking about. One day makeup is just what a couple of the rich, cool girls are wearing and the next, it’s what EVERY GIRL is wearing.

So the next reasonable step is to go out and stand in the makeup aisle and pretend you know exactly what you’re doing.

Until you realize you have absolutely no clue whatsoever and you try your best. 99% of the time it looked like 7 layers of eye liner too many and unnatural colored cheeks, but hey, you were officially wearing makeup!

Overtime, you found youtube videos and your friends helped you out and you eventually started to look less like a clown and more like a normal human being (hopefully).

And that’s when it happened for me. That’s when I started loving the version of Mariah with a full face of makeup way more than the Mariah with a clean face.

Throughout all of middle school, I found myself wearing more and more makeup and spending less and less time seeing myself without it. And eventually it got to the point that when I didn’t have makeup on, I hated the way I looked.

But the more the makeup piled up, the more the insecurities did too.

The more the makeup piled up, the more the insecurities did too. Click To Tweet

You know what I’m talking about ladies! Never, ever wanting to go out in public with a naked face. Refusing to take pictures without makeup. It’s a real thing!

That’s when I had to draw the line.

I couldn’t take any more insecurities! I HATED the fact that I hated the way that I looked without the makeup. I prayed that I would be more secure in my natural beauty, but all I kept hearing from God was to stop with the makeup.

Like I said in the beginning, this is NOT a post to tell you to stop wearing makeup! God isn’t going to tell each and every one of you to stop wearing it! But for me, it was the matter of the heart. I was growing SO insecure, I knew I had to make a change.

Was it easy? HECK NO. I loved the way I looked with makeup on! Even if (looking back) I was absolutely terrible at makeup. I loved that I could hide the things that I wasn’t particularly fond of. I loved that I could cover up (some) of my freckles. I loved that my eyes looked wider and brighter than ever before. I loved it. But I knew, even at a young age, I couldn’t go on like this.

So I did what any rational person would do. I told God nope and moved on.

But He didn’t let that fly. He kept on challenging me to look at myself without the makeup and to find the beauty that was there. It was hard, really hard. But I started noticing that there were things that I was covering up that He saw as beautiful. Like my before mentioned freckles. He reminded me that He painted each and every one of them on my face and that He loved each one. He saw my quick-to-be rosey cheeks and He called them beautiful. And He was calling me to do the same.

What I learned in this season is that makeup can really be a deceiver. Think about the word in and of itself, “make” “up”. It’s what we use to “make up” for the beauty that we don’t see. It’s what we use to “make up” for the flaws that we have. It’s what we use to “make up” for what we believe God didn’t bless us with. And that hurt my heart.

I was tired of looking for what I was lacking and “making it up”. I was ready to live with a face that I saw as beautiful and pleasing to God. I was ready to live in my natural beauty and fall in love with it one day at a time.

Are there days that I wake up and don’t like what I see? Absolutely. Are there days I would rather slather on a pound of makeup to see something pretty rather than searching for a real beauty? Of course!!! But if I don’t find the beauty in myself, how can I find beauty in the one who found beauty in me?

We don’t buy art from an artist who’s paintings we hate. How crazy would it be to buy a $5,000 painting only to take it home and add our own touch to make it meet our standard of beauty? We would actually decrease the value of the painting!

So why do we think that we should do that with God’s masterpiece?

Disclaimer: Makeup can be used to enhance rather than coverup. Covering up is what I was doing.

So if you ever see me out in public and wonder why I never wear makeup (other than some light mascara), you now know why. Letting go of insecurities and embracing what God has blessed me with was more important to me than a full face of makeup. One day, I may be able to wear a full face of (natural, enhancing) makeup without the insecurities of a naked face, but today is not that day.

Yes, there are special occasions when I allow others (because I have very little practice) to put makeup on me, but it’s not an everyday thing. And yes I have been mocked and made fun of for my view on the subject, but this is what’s right for me. This might not be right for you! And that’s okay! But ask God to help you find your right. Ask Him to help you find what is best for your masterpiece.

And then? Do that.

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