The Most Important Thank You Note You’ll Ever Write

"Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do." -1 Thessalonians 5:18 (CEV)

Writing thank you cards is a lost art. In the modern culture we live in, thank you notes are just too “time consuming”. We’d rather shoot a quick thank you text than take the time to hand write a gracious message to the people we are thankful for.

I’m definitely guilty of it! The instant gratification of sending a text is so much easier than the old fashion way of sitting down and writing a thank you card.

I *try* to keep the tradition alive and write thank you notes when I go out of town (to whoever has hosted me whether it be a friend or a hotel staff), so I keep several thank you notes tucked away in my notebook.

A couple nights ago I was really struggling. I was battling anxiety and fear over the situation that was facing me square in the nose when just before I closed my Bible and went to bed, a thank you note dropped out of my notebook.

Normally, I would’ve just stuffed it back into my notebook, but something spoke to me to keep it out. I opened the thank you note and I was immediately prompted to write a thank you note.

I began to pray about who I was to write this thank you card to since I really didn’t have any particular person in mind at the moment. But before I could even begin to get the prayer out, God spoke to my heart: “why don’t you write me a thank you card”?


Now I know what you’re thinking, “way to be humble God”, but God knows something we don’t. He didn’t ask me to do this in order for Him to get the praise and attention (he deserves) for all He has done, but He knows that when I reflect on how gracious He has been to me, my perspective changes. My perspective is no longer focused on myself or my situation, but it’s shifted to His goodness.

Where I once saw fear, I see blessings. Where I once saw anxiety, I saw peace. Where I once saw lies, I saw the truth.

Where I once saw fear, I see blessings. Where I once saw anxiety, I saw peace. Where I once saw lies, I saw the truth. Click To Tweet

As I started writing a thank you note to my Father for all the beautiful gifts that He has provided me with, I started to look at this situation in a totally different way. I began to see this next challenge as a beautiful way for God to bless me once again.

Does this mean that I knew I would conquer my situation immediately? I wish! It proved to me that no matter what happened, I knew it would bless me.

God has blessed us in so many uncountable and unthinkable ways that when we stop to really think about it, it can truly be overwhelming.

Think about this: do you realize that we literally deserve no good gifts from God? Don’t skim over this because you’ve heard it a thousand times. There is not ONE single thing that we deserve.

Do you think that a nasty, filthy person who has murdered hundreds and is sitting on death row deserves anything beautiful? Of course not! The idea of even giving them a simple gift is repulsive to us after witnessing the lives taken because of them. However, God tells us that we commit murder every day!

"Those who hate others are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life in them." -1 John 3:15 (GNT)

We are that nasty, filthy person sitting on death row. We are that person who should have died a terrible death a long time ago. We don’t deserve even the simplest gifts. We don’t deserve this next breath, the shoes on our feet, the roof over our head, etc. We deserve nothing.

Yet our beautiful Father comes in and gives us everything.

While writing out my thank you card and realizing all of these things, it hit me. How dare we be upset or mad at God when we don’t get what we want? He’s already blessed us FAR beyond what we deserve! So what we don’t get the good grade? We’re already getting more than we deserve. So what we don’t get that promotion we’ve been praying for? We’re already beyond blessed with our next breath.

A lot of times we say, “well I deserved that (insert desired item here)!”. But in all honesty, we deserve nothing but the worst. We are sinners. We deserve death. But Jesus took care of what we deserved to bless us with what we could never earn. I am SO glad that I don’t get what I deserve!

So my challenge today is go to the store and pick out the prettiest thank you card you can find and start writing! Write the most beautiful and most gracious thank you card that you have ever written. Thank God for the good and the messy. Thank Him for blessing us with gifts every moment. The more things you can remember to thank Him for, the more your heart will be filled with a grateful spirit.

What are you waiting for?! Go write the most important thank you card ever written!

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