The Fight of Your Life

Well, that’s a wrap folks! The semester is over, final grades are in, and school has come to an end! … that is for 3 weeks (hello grad school)…

Whether you are on summer break or work a full time job in the real world that’s coming my way far too soon, we all have moments where we are able to rest.

This is a rhythm that I’ve worked extremely hard at implementing in my life over the last year. I plan on writing a blog post soon about how I began to discover how important Sabbath (big religious word, but don’t get scared. It’s way more life-giving than it sounds) is and how I felt the pull to really start participating in that practice that Jesus did. However, today is not that day.

BUT it is important to rest. I think we all agree with this, whether or not you take a Sabbath once a week or not.

My life has been super full lately, so it’s been that much more important to find times of rest. Normally I rest on either Friday or Saturday depending on the events for the week, but between moving my grandparents into their new house on Friday and graduation on Saturday, I realized I would have to shift my day of rest this week.

With school being out on a break, I decided that Monday would be a great day of rest for me…

Until Monday came and I realized I literally couldn’t rest.

Oh I tried!

But I felt so anxious and restless the entire day that I couldn’t even begin to rest. I felt the need to get on my phone every couple of seconds, get up and do the dishes, go out shopping, etc. anything that distracted me from what my soul truly did need, rest.

At first I blamed it on residual stress from the semester. You know what I’m talking about. When you finally get done with something huge that you’ve been working on for weeks only to finish it and still feel stressed about it.

That would make sense… I’ve had some sort of project to work on or test to study for for the past 5 months, but it felt deeper than that.

When I finally did what I should’ve done all along and sat down and journaled with Jesus about what I was feeling, I finally understood.

*Disclaimer: I’m a really big journaler and believe it’s such a beautiful practice. This is the way that God and I communicate the best!

Let me just share with you what He told me. It set me free and I believe it could do the same for you if you let it:

“Restlessness comes when you fight a battle that not yours, but mine. As you let me take it on, restlessness melts away. When I fight, you can truly rest. Until you make that decision, you will feel uneasy because you’re fighting a battle that isn’t yours to fight. You aren’t equipped to fight it, so please pass it off to me. I’ve been waiting your whole life to fight this battle. I’ve been building an army for years, training them for this moment. Please let me fight for you.”

Wow. His words speak more than a million blog posts ever could.

If you are anything like me and ever struggle to just rest (a command we are given), then take this to heart. Realize the reason behind your uneasiness and pass Him the fight.

I know, I know, easier said than done. But girl I am right here beside you working on passing it off to Him as we speak.

But He has grace.

Every time we pick the battle back up, He looks at us with compassion in His eyes and asks us to give it back. He isn’t mad at you. He isn’t disappointed in you. But He wants to fight FOR you.

He’s fighting the fight of your life.

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