…So that I could wear flowers

We’ve all seen the pictures that have been passed along through ages of Jesus with the crown of thorns on His head, we’ve all sat through sermons where this has been preached, and we’ve all (hopefully) been impacted through this gut-wrenching, beautiful story.

But just recently I saw it in a different perspective than ever before.

If you’ve ever met me in real life or follow me on any social media, chances are that you’ve seen me wearing a flower crown a time or two. I ADORE them!! So I have been known to wear them quite often. If it were up to me, I’d have one that matches every outfit and I’d wear one every single day. I’d also gift every girl on the planet with one.

I think that’s why Holy Spirit whispered these words into my heart. He often speaks to me in ways that He doesn’t talk to everyone else. He does the same thing for you, I believe.

Example? I would not be a fan if Jesus talked to me like this:

“Thou daughter of the mightiest king, I grant you with wisdom to impart to thee such beauty to the earth…”

But I do love when He speaks to me like this:

“Hey girl, you are my freaking daughter! How cool is that?! I love you soooo much, but sometimes you can act straight out ridiculous so I’m gonna start helping you out! And guess what? When I do, the world will be a prettier place because your sucky attitude is really stinking up the place. “

Now if you love the first example, more power to ya. God will take that into consideration when talking to you, but I need something a little bit more practical. I also love when He gets sassy with me (AKA sassy Jesus) because I need that in my life and He knows I love to laugh. He personalizes these things and I love it.

So when Jesus spoke to me about flower crowns, I was so incredibly excited. This is what He said:

“I wore a crown of thorns so that you could wear a crown of flowers.”

WOW. That was so beautiful to me. If it didn’t strike you as the most beautiful thought, stick around and I’ll try to convince you otherwise.

God, Yahweh, you know, the creator of the entire universe, thought that we were so beautiful, so pure, so lovely that you and I were WORTH PROTECTING.

We’ve all watched a show or a movie where we fell in love with a character who chose to either jump in front of a bullet, give up their heart, or somehow save the life of another by giving up their lives. And chances are, you’ve balled your eyes out over this scene.

But deep down you’ve thought “I wish someone loved me enough to think my life was so valuable, worth protecting at all costs, etc. to give their life up for me.” You probably would never admit that out loud because it can sound so self conceited, but I dare you to be honest with yourself and admit that this thought has ran across your brain at one point or another.

Spoiler alert: it already happened. He already died for you. He knew you were worth more than you would ever give yourself credit for. He died for you.

Have you ever really thought about the fact that Jesus wore a crown of THORNS? I mean really thought about it? Maybe you have, maybe I’m late to the party, but it just hit me that it was made from the discarded parts of a flower.

Coincidence to what He spoke to me? I don’t think so. He took the hurtful, ugly part of the flower, the part that we discard, and transformed it to a beautiful moment for us. And He replaced it with a crown of flowers.

WE were meant to wear the thorns. We were meant to take the pain. But He loved us enough to go through the ugly, gut-wrenching pain to lay the gift of flowers upon our heads, reminding us that we are HIS daughters who were worth every thorn that dug into his cranium.

When He took on the crown of thorns, He prophetically placed on us the flower crown of shalom. Of perfect peace that casts out all fears of doubt and unbelief. Doubts that say that you’re not good enough, not fit enough, not pretty enough, etc. The fears that keep us up at night and tell us we’ll never be worthy of anyone’s love.

When are we going to stop taking back HIS crown of thorns for ourselves and trade them in for the crown of flowers He intended for us to wear?

He wore the crown of thorns so that WE could wear the crown of flowers. Put on your flower crown and say no to the fears. Because He already did.

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