Season Finale

What’s your absolute fav series?

The one that kept you on the edge of your seat the whole season? The one that you could binge watch for hours?

I’m SUPER caught up in a show on Hulu currently and it takes everything in me not to binge a whole season.

One of the things that has really drawn me to this show is the fact that EVERY episode ends in such an epic way, you could think that each show is the season finale.

Every binge watcher’s dream right?

But the more that I’ve watched the show, the more I’ve come to know that no matter HOW BAD things look for the main characters when that season-finale-type-ending comes, the next episode always downplays the events.

What do I mean? Well at the end of one episode, it can look like the sky is falling. For example, my show is based on a team of FBI agents who always seem to be getting themselves in one big mess. The episode may leave off on the entire state of New York getting a terrorist attack warning for a missile that is 35 minutes out and a state wide evacuation is warranted (but the FBI team knows that the evacuation isn’t worth it, they’re all gonna die).

INTENSE, right?

And then what do the producers do? They pan around to each of the main characters with intense worry on their face and one of them saying, “so if we don’t stop this missile strike in 30 minutes, 3 million people will die…” along with a very dramatic play of music and a slow fade out.

And just like that, you’re hooked.

You’re thinking to yourself, well how the heck are they gonna get themselves out of that one?! You’re running every foreseeable scenario in your head trying to figure out how the main characters don’t die (because let’s face it, there’s 3 more seasons so we know they’re not all going to die). However, it looks BAD (bad BAD).

So you click the next episode and BAM you’re back in the scene of mass panic as everyone thinks they’re living out their last moments. But a few moments later, they realize it was a fake warning and no missiles have been launched.

WHAT. You have just been through an epic emotional roller coaster. 20 mins ago, you thought that there was no way out of this one. You thought it was the worst situation possible!

But in reality, that was just how the producers tricked your emotions into clicking enter for the next episode.

They knew all along that they couldn’t kill off all of NY in that episode, and that you (logically) knew that too, but they had to find a way to emotionally draw you to the next episode.

By initiating fear, panic, and confusion, they were able to get you going!

But have you ever noticed that what plays out on that next episode is never NEARLY as bad as what the last episode’s cliff hanger sets you up for?

NY isn’t being bombed, that guy really didn’t die, that girl really didn’t do those things they pinned against her, etc.

The enemy works in those same patterns.

If he can cause fear, confusion, panic, anxiety, etc, he has you hooked. Hooked on that emotional pull that the world is falling apart.

But in reality, that next episode shows that it was a smoke screen. An emotional cliff hanger for a purpose. It’s really not as bad as it looks.

Take the greatest story ever told. It comes from the same play book.

Jesus is murdered. Publicly. Hanging on a tree. Mass anxiety, mass confusion, mass fear. It’s all there. The perfect season finale.

If this was your show, you’re thinking, “how the heck are they going to pull this one off?”

There was no episode listing letting everyone know that the main character can’t really die. For all they know, this is the season finale of all seasons. They thought this was it.

But when that next episode rolled around 3 days later, the situation wasn’t really as bad as it seemed.

The devil’s been around a long time, and it’s true that he’s really a schemer. But his greatest downfall is that all of his schemes come from the same playbook.

The same play that he implemented 2,000 years ago is the same play he’s implementing with you and me.

But the beauty in that for us is that we have the playbook, we see what’s coming next. We know that the season finale isn’t the end, there’s another episode.

So before you get worked up about losing that job, not getting that acceptance letter, getting turned down by that boy, REMEMBER that the season finale always looks SO much more worse than it really is.

Don’t lose your crap before hitting play on that next episode.

We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. But this time you know what to expect.

*Que next episode*

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