Please Leaf Me Be.



well.. it was here. For like 2 minutes.

& now it’s snowing.

But rewind to the best 2 minutes of the year and think about the billions of leaves we watched fall from the trees.

Red, yellow, orange, they made the most beautiful scene as we drove the back roads and watched the leaves fall all around us. The crisp air that many of you craved brought in these jaw dropping colors.

But they were there all along.

In the last week, I have done a lot of thinking about leaves. They really aren’t that different from you and me. And when I read this quote from the book, “The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers” last week, it really set this idea in stone.

"I was praying as I walked and also thinking of the concept of 'true colors' as it relates to autumn. As winter draws near, the leaves no longer need to produce food, and the pigment chlorophyll, responsible for the green color of the leaves, disappears, displaying the colors that were there all along: red, yellow, orange."

Changes are hard. Real hard. Especially if you’re anything like me and hate any kind of change that seems like it could pose any type of difficulty.

But when I read this, it clicked.

My season before may have been like that of summer. I might have been a bright green leaf, blowing in the wind, shading the sun and loving every minute of it. But fall has come now and my job isn’t the same. If I were to stay in this position, I would be destroyed.

Eventually winter would come along, and the pretty green leaf would be weighted down by heaping snow only to die a painful death. Ouch.

But if I change as my season does, my true colors are revealed.

Just like the green leaf changes to a vibrant fall color the moment the crisp air starts to blow, I should change as the seasons come and go.

There is another color deep within me, another talent or gift that I’m unaware of that is just waiting for the right season to come along and reveal those things. To allow the next layer of my true colors to pop out.

It may be hard to make that change and stop doing what we have always been doing, but the leaf can relate. The leaf spends the entire summer producing food, and in turn, chlorophyll. When fall comes along, there’s no need for that anymore. The leaf must stop and wait till the green has faded.

Is there something in your life that you’re doing that was once a really good thing, but now it’s just the most comfortable thing? If it’s not the best thing for you right now, then change things up.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but it pulls out the beautiful colors in you.

And although all this “change” stuff may be hard, don’t forget that through this season change, the tree sees you through it all. The tree is the one asking you to be stretched in this season, but He knows what’s coming next (if you didn’t catch on, the “tree” is also Yahweh, God).

He doesn’t ask us to go through change just for the heck of it, but He asks us to go through change because He knows it vital to our lives. Eventually the tree asks the leaf to die for a season before coming back in the Spring, but it’s all for a purpose.

He has a purpose.

I for one can relate to the leaves that lay at my feet as I walk down the sidewalk. They are going through some hard changes. But I am thankful for the change. I am thankful for the true colors. And I’m excited to see what this next season brings.

Actually, don’t leaf me be.

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