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The enemy is SO scared of valuable friendships because he knows that he has priority if he can get a girl isolated by herself. But when she is surrounded by a community (or her sisterhood), the enemy has to work 10x harder.

That’s why sisterhood is so important.

What the heck is sisterhood?

Sisterhood is realizing that all of our differences make us a better team. Sisterhood is realizing that her beauty doesn’t take away from yours. Sisterhood is encouraging every girl that crosses your path. Sisterhood is loving each other enough to keep each other accountable.

“Sisterhood is realizing that all of our differences make us a better team.”

God expects us to love one another. He expects us to look at another girl and think of her as our sister. You don’t have to have a biological sister to know the kind of love that is shared among sisters.

Sisters are there for each other day and night. Although there are times that they get on each others last everlasting nerve, there is a bond there that can never be broken. Love is the foundation of a beautiful sisterhood.

“Sisterhood is realizing that her beauty doesn’t take away from yours.”

God expects us not to slander each other. Slander is a fancy word, but it means “making a false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation.”

AKA Gossip.

As a sister, you have to take on the statement that, “I CANNOT and I WILL NOT stand for gossip.”

This is especially important when talking about your sisters. They trust you. They value you. Do not talk negatively about your sisters and put a stop to any gossip you do hear about them.

You are your sister’s keeper when you join the sisterhood.

My rule of thumb that I *try* to live by is that I shouldn’t be in serious trouble if the person I’m talking about is accidentally butt-dialed.

Yeah. It’s convicting.

“Sisterhood is encouraging every girl that crosses your path.”

God expects us to encourage one another.

There are so many discouraging and negative messages that are sent to each of us every day. It’s part of our culture and can’t be avoided.

It’s the sad truth, but each of us have a beautiful reality to combat that.

We hold the power of life and death in the words that we speak over each other. Just as quickly as the world can speak words of death over us, we can speak words of life in an abundance.

When a sister comes to you down, depressed, and hurt, you have the power to find those beautiful gems in her and remind her of her worth. Encouragement is free. It doesn’t cost a cent to say something encouraging to a sister who is down. But it turns out that it’s the best gift you could ever give her.

“Sisterhood is loving each other enough to keep each other accountable.”

The part of being in the sisterhood that is the most terrifying is the fact that it’s based on vulnerability.

That’s become such an ugly word in our culture, but it truly is the most freeing.

And I’m not talking about the fake vulnerability we pretend to display on social media, but the hard kind. The kind that just wants to hide under the bed and pretend that nothing of significance is going on as you cry yourself to bed every night.

Vulnerability can be scary, but oh so freeing.

A blogger I’ve followed for many years has the most beautiful mission statement:

“Your brokenness is welcome here.”

When we talk to our sisters, we must be open and honest about our brokenness. And we must give our sisters the space to do the same.

Judgment is not an option in sisterhood.

Before the “me too” movement became a thing last year, a friend taught me of a different kind of “me too” concept:

A girl feels sad? Me too. A girl is happy? Me too. A girl is mad at God? Me too. A girl is hurt by someone? Me too.

At first, this might seem like I’m being fake and trying to disqualify her emotions, but that’s the exact opposite of what’s really going on when I say, “me too.”

Have I ever felt any of those emotions? You bet.

Even if a girl is dealing with something I’ve never dealt with (and maybe never will), I know I’ve felt the root of that pain. Why? Because there are only so many basic emotions.

I’ve never gone through a tough break up, but I can relate to the girls that have because that root emotion is rejection, pain, hurt. And I can relate to that.

The premise behind “me too” is that there is no way that I can judge another girl for what she is feeling because I have been there too. In some shape or form. When you can put yourself in her shoes by saying, “me too” judgement melts away. And that’s where we want to be.

Sisterhood is the most beautiful ‘hood you will ever be apart of.

There isn’t a sign up sheet or a groupme to be added to. Sisterhood starts right where you are.

It starts with a text to your closest ladies.

Stop living in isolation or watching other sisters do the same. Call them up! Make a coffee date! Go get some mex (my fav form of sisterhood) and love on them. Be vulnerable. Be broken. And love those sisters that God has place in your life.

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