If All We Had Were Words

I once read a statement that made me change the way that I think of every person that I come into contact with. Every now and then I lose sight of this statement, but it truly is pivitol when it comes to obeying the golden rule (with a happy heart).

"Speak out the good in other's lives. Eventually they will become what is spoken of them."

This might not sound ground breaking at first, but the more that is done, the more ground breaking it becomes.

There are many times in the Bible that God did this for those who are spoken great about. Moses was not the fearless leader we know him to be before God came into the picture. David was not “all that” before God told him who he was. Esther was a common village girl before God spoke into her.

There are COUNTLESS examples in the Bible of God setting this example for us, but my favorite would probably have to be Paul. If we would have been living back then, we would have most likely found it very challenging to find something beautiful in Paul (well, Saul, as he was known back then). He was famous for killing Christians. If we knew him back then, we probably knew some people that he had murdered. They might’ve been our best friends, our parents, our siblings, etc. AKA Paul looked like a hopeless case.

But God came in and spoke to the beautiful parts of his heart that were just barely hanging on, and he became those beautiful things (along with so much more).

God saw that underneath all of that hate, pain, and anger, Paul was going to be a world changer. He was a world changer (just not in a good way) when God spoke into that beautiful quality. When He did, Paul became a world changer in the way that we know him for now.

This sounds good and all, but God is God and I am not. How the heck are we supposed to find something beautiful in someone that we don’t like, let alone someone that is murdering our friends?

Baby steps.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this has changed my whole perspective when I started implementing this.

There are definitely times when I get stuck. When as much as I KNOW I’m to love everyone I come into contact with, I just can’t seem to do it. It’s HARD. I know you’ve been there too. Even as simple as being in a situation where you literally just met this other girl and you are convinced she is the worst. You can’t seem to find any love in your heart for her because you can’t stand to be around her.

Hard. Right?

It’s then that we have to start looking for the signs in her life that prove to us that God created her. This might be hard to do at times, but it’s not impossible. Why? Because God created each and every one of us. There HAS to be a sign of His greatness somewhere.

Just like we can look at a famous artist’s work and spot that it’s his work due to his signature technique.

She might be rude and arrogant, but she may also have a strong love for animals. Instead of consistently speaking that she’d rude and arrogant, speak that she has the kindest heart for God’s creatures.

Know her by her beauty, not by her sin.

She is always gossiping about you, but she is always on time for every event. Instead of speaking gossip over her life, speak her consistency and love for timeliness.

It might not seem like much, but it’s a start.

Whatever we consistently speak over a person, they will become. Even if we are only speaking these things about this person to ourselves (to begin with), our perspective of them begins to change. Our hearts toward them begin to shift. We can begin to love them for what God sees them as.

And that’s beautiful.

I love all of those experiments that scientists do about the power of our words. When they set up 2 plants and speak negative words over one while speaking words of life over the other. In the end, they always get the same result. The plant that was spoken words of love to blossoms into a beautiful, healthy plant; while the other starts to die.

If plants are that sensitive to words, how much more are we?

When we begin to speak life over each other, the world changes one person at a time. We begin feeding them words of life, rather than the words of death that the world speaks of them. We become Jesus with skin on.

If all we had were words, we could change the world.


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