If 2018 was a tough year…

WE’RE BACK! I haven’t written a blog post since 2018, but I’m ready for all of us to take 2019 by storm. Here’s what I have in mind…

I pray that in 2019, you realize that you are more than you think you are. You are deeply known, yet you are still loved. The King over all of kings sees your deepest thoughts, your ugliest sins, and you worst mistakes; yet He still looks at you with a gaze of love and deep passion. Your flaws ignite His love for you that much more.

You may have felt unwanted in 2018, but this year, I pray that you finally recognize that you were chosen. Before Adam was placed on this earth, you were being dreamed up in our Creator’s heart. He was already thinking of you.

And when it was finally time for you to grace the earth with your presence, He formed you from the inside out. Every nook and cranny was intricately designed by the greatest designer known to man. Every part of you that you love and/or hate was designed with such a purpose in mind.

Although you may have thought that you were a mistake, nothing can be further from the truth. Our God doesn’t make mistakes. Just because you might have not been expected by your parents doesn’t mean you were a surprise to God, He planned your life before creation existed.

And if you’ve ever doubted that He loves you, just close your eyes for a moment and put your hand on your heart. That heart beat, that breath, is a sign that you are not forgotten. The fact that there is air in your lungs and blood rushing through your veins is proof enough that you are treasured.

You may have experienced some tough seasons in the last year, but know that when a seed is buried in the dark, beautiful things come out of the ground. Before a flower can bloom, the seed must be planted in a dark place where it eventually begins to crack from all the pressure building up inside. When you have reached that moment of cracking, a little sprout begins to emerge and take root. Your beauty is coming from the pain.

If you felt like giving up in 2018, this year is not the year to do it. God is waiting on our flesh to get out of the way so that He can pour out His favor on us. He WANTS to bless us. A lot of times we have a hard time seeing Him as wanting to bless us, but He loves for us to be blessed. Just wait and see.

2019 is going to be the best one yet, if you let it. Stop sitting in your pity party, stop confessing anxiety and depression over your life, and let God heal you from the inside out. Start speaking positive words over your life as though they were and start cultivating joy and love in your heart. Let God pour out the blessings on you that He has just been waiting for you to invite.

Get ready 2019, because we’re coming for ya

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