Hippies Know Best

I know that God knows what He’s doing by placing me in 2019, but sometimes I REALLY wish that I would’ve been a teenager/twenty-something in the 70s…

I think that was one of the coolest time periods (I also really adore the 50s) ever, and sometimes wish that I lived out those hippie days.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m a flower child at heart. I LOVE the clothes of the 70s… the flowers crowns, the fringe, and the hippie pants make my heart sing when I find them in stores. Not to mention, my dream car is a VW bus

Side note: I just bought the cutest mint green polaroid boombox type deal that really proves I should’ve been a 70s kid… click this to see what I’m talking about and tell me it isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Although I fantasize about living the 70s dream, I’m also aware that the 70s were a really trying time. I didn’t realize just how crazy those years were until I recently started reading a book that gave a great history lesson about this time… life was crazy back then.

Some of those historic events included: the Kent State massacre, everything Beatles, the start of the gay rights movement, Disney World opening (a personal fav), the Vietnam war, the start of the feminist movement, fuel shortages, Apple releasing their first product, Watergate, the death of Elvis Presley, Woodstock, and many more.

When you look past the glory that the 70s presented, you start to see what a trying and difficult time that was. Where there was the joy of Disney World opening, there was the panic of fuel shortage. Where there was great music from the Beatles playing over the radio, there was the terror of the Vietnam war on the next station. Where there was the “great event” known as Woodstock happening, there were countless deaths from drug overdoses.

There’s always more to the story than meets the eye.

The more I’ve read about the 70s, the more I’ve realized that I may actually live out the 70s “dream” after all. Our world is so very similar to the place that it found itself nearly 50 years ago.

The racial tension is still high, we still have troops going to war, massacres are frequent events, drugs are running rampant, the gay rights movement is the talk of the nation, feminism is preached on every corner, politics are still really weird, and most importantly, we are in prime position for another Jesus movement.

The part that I love about the 70s the most is one of the events I didn’t include in that list. The Jesus movement.

The Jesus movement was born out of a crazy time. A time that I’m sure had all the religious folks looking to the sky waiting for Jesus to come. A time when drugs were being sold as fast as ice cream. A time when everyone started to believe that drugs were the only great escape that they could get from the madness around them.

But what I love most about the Jesus movement was that there was no sugar coating of the gospel. People were looking for authenticity or nothing else. They had been on lots of drug trips, seen things that were incredible, but they still didn’t feel satisfied. They needed something else.

And that was the authenticity that Jesus is. Unlike their parents and the generation before them, they weren’t drawn to religion. They weren’t drawn to the sugar-coated gospel, but they were drawn to the relationship and the realness of this hippie named Jesus Christ from Nazareth.

And I believe that we are living in a generation that is searching for that same thing. Authentic Jesus. New testament Jesus. Relationship Jesus. I-hate-religion Jesus. Preached-straight-from-the-Bible Jesus.

Our generation has seen too much fake. They can smell the fake out a mile away. They’re looking for something real. Something that doesn’t fail. Someone who loves, but tells them how it is. And we have that answer.

We have that authentic Jesus living inside of us. We have Bibles readily available to be read. We don’t have to have a degree in Seminary. As great as that is, it isn’t a requirement.

What I love the most about the 70s Jesus Movement was that the people who spearheaded this movement where hippies who had just recently came off drugs and started preaching what they knew about this Jesus guy. He was so real to them that they just opened their mouths and read about how cool He was.

And that was the greatest message they could preach. That was the message that drew crowds of thousands of people. They didn’t need a million dollar building, they didn’t need the coolest new stage designs, or the best church coffee ministry around, all they needed was a Bible.

How cool is that?

If you haven’t read much about the Jesus movement, I dare you to research it right after you read this. I dare you not to get fired up about how that could be us. I double dog dare you not to realize that we are in the position for a Jesus movement.

Out of the need for something real and authentic, this movement was birthed. We, my friends, are in a time where we are in desperate need for something real and authentic. You and I know what that thing is, we just need to present Him for what He is.

In my opinion, we are just one world changer away from sparking this next movement. Please let that world changer be you.

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