Feeling Weighed Down?

You ever have a long week? When you have a billion things to do and everything seems to be just flat out overwhelming?

Yeah…. me either…..

This week has been one of those weeks. I feel like I haven’t even had time to sit down and breathe. It hasn’t been completely overwhelming because I’ve forced myself to take several breaks a day to spend time with Holy Spirit, but nevertheless, it has been looooong.

Last night after an exhausting day, it hit me. I haven’t written my blog for this week and Wednesday nights are normally the time that I do that. I started dreading it telling God that maybe I should just skip this week because I was just so exhausted.

That’s when God reminded me, “it’s not a burden, it’s a blessing”.

I was like, “well, yeah, that’s how it should be, but at this very moment when all I can think about is going to sleep, it very much feels like a burden”.

But then it hit me.

He was right. Anything I do for him shouldn’t be a burden. It is absolutely nothing less than a blessing.

It’s a blessing that I have air in my lungs this morning.

It’s a blessing that my schedule is so packed because that means that I have been blessed enough to make it this far in college.

It’s a blessing that I have a blog to write because that means I was blessed enough to start one.

It’s all a blessing. And when we start looking at it that way, everything changes.

So I decided that instead of making this blog a burden on myself, I would spend time with God, go to sleep, then count my blog as a blessing the next morning.

And I woke up to the reminder through a Bible study I’ve been doing that we are not even privileged enough to take this next breath.

I could die while typing this sentence, you could die while reading it. It’s not that we’re claiming that over our lives, but it’s a real possibility since we have absolutely no control of when we live and when we die.

We feel invincible, but we are so clearly mistaken.

When we get that kind of perspective, we see our blessings more clearly.

Typically I would push myself to keep writing until this post was longer, but for my heart this morning, keeping it short blesses me more. Find what blesses your heart and do that. Find what feels like a burden, and make it your blessing.

Because it’s NOT a burden. It’s a blessing.

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