Dream a Little Dream

Has there ever been a time that a subject just keeps reappearing in your life? It’s like everyone is in on it, but you.

Like when you keep hearing a word over and over from different groups of people, or every time you turn on the radio, the songs are about the same theme, or every message you listen to is about the same topic…

If you haven’t, hang in there. It’ll happen.

This happens to me quite often when God is trying to get me to focus in on something. And over the last month, everywhere I go, people are talking to me about dreams.

Not the kind of dreams you have when you fall asleep, but the dreams that are buried down deep that you want to see come true.

Every time this topic comes up, all I can think of is the song “I Have a Dream” from Tangled (my absolute favorite newer Disney movie)! I absolutely love the innocence of the song. The characters who sing it haven’t gotten preached to about how God doesn’t like specific dreams because He wants to be creative or how that isn’t true and that God loves specific dreams because He placed those desires there. He hasn’t sat through the back-and-forth emotions that this brings up.

I mean seriously people, the conflicting messages are exhausting.

Both sides have great points, but it’s left me 21 and confused about my dreams.

Should I be super specific, down to the last penny of how much money I’d like to have or should I just generally say that I’d like to have enough money to provide for fun trips? No one can give me a clear cut answer.

This week I finally sat down (admittedly too late) with God and stopped listening to the conflicting opinions. I wanted (needed) to hear his opinion on the matter.

I sat down with my notebook and journaled His voice (which is the way in which I hear Him most clearly), and He said to me:

“Use this space in this notebook to journal your specific dreams. Write down every detail without fear of whether or not I want you to ask me to do it that way, then watch me move. Be vulnerable with me in your desires, you’re already thinking those thoughts in detail so I see them, but I want you to invite me to share them with you.”

Wow. That sounds more like my Father than the back-and-forth opinion of man.

So that’s what I did. I wrote down one list full of all of my dreams (and left room to add others) and then I started to go into detail of each one. And when I mean detail, I mean detail.

Down to the nitty gritty. But He was right, I had been dreaming up these dreams for so long, that I had every detail “planned out”. I knew what I wanted. I’ve had the time to consider all my options, and I know what I desire the most.

I don’t think I realized just how much thought I had put into these dreams until this moment. Pages of details just rolled out so effortlessly, because it’s what I’ve been hiding in my heart all along.

When I was in the middle of doing this, God spoke to my heart once again:

“This is the fun side of me that many people miss out on. This is the part that they’re afraid to enter into, when I just genuinely want to have fun with you! Dreaming with you is so much fun! I wouldn’t have placed these desires in your heart if I didn’t want to dream with you! You’ve been told to dream on the side and keep it general so I can move, but Mariah, I want to dream WITH you and let you see specific details that I’ve placed in your heart come to life. AND I want you to see how some specific details where what you thought that you wanted, but that your mind was unable to dream up some of the specific details that I’m going to bless you with!”

I kid you not, that time of dreaming up details WITH Yahweh was one of the best times I’ve ever had. He’s right, so many people (including myself) have missed out on that side of Him. I had always separated my “Jesus time” and my dreaming time. Till I realized that they’re one in the same.

He put these desires deep within my heart. He knew each desire was there long before I ever uncovered it! And I can rest in the fact that He WANTS to bless me, and that He wouldn’t have put those desires so deep within my heart if He didn’t plan on blessing my life with those things.

It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but until then, I’m going to have the time of my life dreaming WITH Him.

So whatever message you believe, whatever theology you are sticking with, dream WITH Jesus. Don’t leave Him out on this. I promise you won’t regret it for a second.

So grab a pen and some paper and write out a list of your dreams. Then get stupid specific! The things that you’d be embarrassed if anyone knew you’d even thought out that detail! Or the detail that has been at the back of your head, but you’ve been scared that it won’t be a detail that comes true.

I promise that if that detail doesn’t come with the package, you’ll love the detail that replaced it so much more.

Ask God to dream with you and point out to you the details that you’re missing. Be so blunt in your dreams that it almost seems ridiculous. Remember that He already sees your dreams so this isn’t news to Him.

Dream a little (or big, huge, extravagant) dream.

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