About a year ago, I felt like God was taking me into a new season. A season to implement a new rhythm into my life.

I felt like He wanted to teach me about rest.

And I was HYPE.

Forget the hardship of learning about patience, strength, tough love, etc. REST?! I can do that!

I thought it would be the easiest practice that I would ever encounter!

…but boy was I wrong.

As fun as the idea of rest is, the implementation of this practice isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When I started to learn about the art of rest, I began to realize that this was a practice of Jesus many of us overlook. Jesus rested. He got away. He quieted His soul.

Sometimes I feel too busy to rest. Between school, family, and a social life, the last thing that I feel that I have time for is rest.

I’m sure that whatever season of life you’re in, you can relate to that statement. The new mom, the seasoned mom, the newly wed, the 50-year-anniversary wife, the grad student, the high school student, etc. there is always something keeping us busy.

Whether it be sports, kids, work, school, cooking dinner, etc., we can just get BUSY.

And when we get that way, the last thing we want to do is rest.

In this mindset, rest feels wasteful.

But if we look at Jesus’s life, we see that rest is vital.

We see that Jesus didn’t work TOWARDS rest, but He worked FROM rest.

When we get this, everything changes.

When God started teaching me about rest and what it looks like in my everyday life, I began to work towards taking a Sabbath day.

Sabbath is a big, religious sounding word, but really it just means rest. One day a week that is set aside for rest.

Did you know that having a day of Sabbath is actually one of the ten commandments? A lot of times it’s so easy to spout off those ten commandments without really thinking about them, but once I realized that it really was a commandment, I was shocked at how I had never thought about applying that one!

So how does this day work? HOWEVER YOU WANT IT TO! That’s what’s so beautiful (and so challenging) about this day!

It should be full of things that are life giving, restful, and help you focus on Jesus.

For me, every week looks different. Some times I stay at home in my pjs, read books, and eat good food. Other times, I go out with friends, eat somewhere yummy, go to the lake, etc.

I don’t do a lot of social media on these days, I don’t go to events that feel draining, and I don’t exhaust myself.

However, for you, it may look completely different!

If you’re an introvert, going out with friends might not be the most relaxing practice for you! That’s totally ok! Stay home and recharge! There are NO rules!

Now the challenging part comes when rest is hard. There are some weeks when taking a day off for rest just seems next to impossible. And in these times, it’s even more important to make space for rest.

You have to make rest day a priority, or it will get trumped. We all have a billion things to do, a hundred projects to get done, and a lot of cleaning to do, but rest comes first.

I double dog dare you to try me on this. Life is so much better when you start implementing a rest day in your week. God lead by example when He rested after creating the heavens and the earth.

If He needed a day of rest, so do we.

If you can’t bare to take off a whole day for rest yet, set aside a couple hours and work your way up! Take off Friday afternoon to Saturday morning! It doesn’t matter the day, all that matters is that you find a day.

For me, my days change depending on the week because that works with my life right now. This isn’t about rules, it’s about resting.

One last word of advice: don’t take this time off the same as you would a “day off” and get things done you haven’t had time to do. Work hard the week leading up to this day so that you don’t HAVE to do anything that’s not restful on that day.

I promise it’ll change your life.

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