Counting Telephone Poles

What was the first thing that you noticed in this picture? The bridge? The title? The road? If I were to guess, I would assume that the telephone poles in this picture were not the first things to catch your eye. Sure, you might've noticed them, but your mind was more drawn to the bigger things... am I right?

Before this week, I probably would’ve noticed everything obvious in this picture before noticing the things that fade into the background (I’m not the most observant one you’ve ever met). However, all week, God has been pointing telephone poles out to me everywhere that I go. Chances are that if you’re like me, you only ever really notice telephone poles when they are down from a storm or there is a crew repairing them. But how crazy is it that we pass by these larger than life poles every single day of our lives and we never really notice them?

As I’ve attempted to pay attention to the telephone poles around me this week, I’ve been amazed at how often I can forget to pay attention to them; eventually, they just fade into the background once again and I completely forget about their existence. What’s amazing though, is although I may overlook them, they don’t stop impacting my life. We often call them telephone poles here in the good ole KY, but they are technically termed utility poles. With a quick google search, I found out that they do more than just allowing me to call my local pizza joint. Turns out, they do a lot of important things I never knew about: they support overhead powerlines, electrical cable, fiber optic cable, and other equipment such as transformers and street lights.

We all know that these structures play a big part in our lives, but how do we keep forgetting that, which often fades into the background, does so much to keep our lives going smoothly?

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Mariah, when did this become an electrician’s blog?”. Okay, okay enough with the technical talk, here’s the real reason I have been so intrigued with these poles for the last week. God asked me to look around and count the telephone poles I saw in about a 10-minute drive (I really questioned if it was God speaking to me or if I was really losing it). I decided to give it a try either way, and I was amazed at how many I passed in such a short drive. When I pulled into my driveway, I asked God what the point was in my counting other than working on my nonexistent math skills…and {wow} did He make it all click.

He said to my heart, “My blessings and mercy for you are very similar to the telephone poles that you pass every day and hardly ever notice. Most of the time you ignore them both as they fade into the background until there is an area of your life where you feel the blessing is nonexistant (or the telephone pole is knocked down) in the middle of a storm”.

My blessings and mercy for you are very similar to the telephone poles that you pass by every day and hardly ever notice. -God Click To Tweet

Wow. All I could do was sit in amazement and realize just how true that was. How many times has He blessed me and I have let the blessing fade into the background because I am surrounded by so many of them that I no longer recognize them as a miracle? How many times has He delayed my travels to protect me from a car accident and I didn’t notice? How many times has He protected me from a potentially abusive relationship and I didn’t notice? How many times has He been SO good to me and I have let the sight of that pass me by just like the telephone poles.

When I decided to make the conscious decision to look for the telephone poles around me, I finally noticed. Not only does the telephone pole (like my Father) serve a great purpose, but have you ever really noticed the shape of one?


                   Yup... it just hit you.

Now every time I pass a telephone pole, I hope I am reminded that my Father’s blessings for me are more numerous than the telephone poles I pass; and I pray that I thank Him for His blessings each time I pass one by.

Count your blessings (and telephone poles).

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1 thought on “Counting Telephone Poles

  1. And then there are those cables, not on poles, that are buried that we don’t see at all…until we dig in our yard!! I’m sure you could say there are some blessings we NEVER see/realize until we move some dirt!!

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