An Open Letter to Those Hurt by Religion

To put it bluntly, I have heard many, many people talking about my (heavenly) dad in a way that I can’t stand recently. They have talked so negatively about Him, like His own daughter isn’t in the room.

But the sad part is, they don’t even realize that what they’re saying is so hurtful.

The things that I’ve heard others saying are not what He’s like. I don’t know if it’s because they haven’t spent much time with Him or that they think they know what He’s like, but I’m tired of Him being spoken so negatively of. I’m so tired of others getting a false picture of what He’s like.

I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I’m here to set the record straight:

  1. He is not disappointed in you.
  2. He does not want to see you fail.
  3. He is hanging on every word you say, hopeful that you keep the conversation going.
  4. He is jealous about you. Jealous for your time, your attention, and your love. He just wants you.
  5. He’s not obsessed with money.
  6. You don’t have to earn His love.
  7. He isn’t into the blame game.
  8. He wants to give you the best gifts.
  9. You don’t have to compete for His love.
  10. His love isn’t insecure.
  11. He is a perfect gentleman and won’t force anything on you.
  12. He asks and leads, he doesn’t demand and push.
  13. He didn’t want heaven without you.
  14. He doesn’t like religion.
  15. He isn’t complicated.
  16. He doesn’t operate in rules, but in love.
  17. He isn’t a Republican. He isn’t a Democrat. He isn’t Independent. He is love.
  18. He is breathing life into you this very moment.
  19. He isn’t angry at you.
  20. He is crazy, madly, and deeply in love with you.

I’m sorry if anyone has told you any different. I’m sorry if any of these things surprised you. My heart hurts for the image that Yahweh has become and for the hurts that have come because of that.

I’m sorry if religion turned you away from your Father. I’m sorry if church hurt your relationship with Him. I’m sorry if a fellow Christian tainted your view of Him.

I’m sorry that it’s gotten overly complicated when the gospel is this:

God (Yahweh) loves you more than any human being could ever imagine loving anyone ever.

That’s it.

I’m sorry if you ever had a reason to stop believing this. It shouldn’t be that way.

When Jesus entered the scene, He saw that there were people getting hurt by religion. He saw that His dad wasn’t being represented the way that He actually is, and He set the record straight.

See what the true identity of our Father is if you don’t believe me. Don’t listen to the fake news. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and decide what you think the Father is like. Don’t let someone else define Him for you.

The only way that we can flip the script that people are reading is by being the greatest sermon that Jesus ever preached. You and I are His greatest sermon. So what is yours going to sound like?

Is it going to be a sermon of religion or sermon of true love?

I can’t speak to your friends in the way that you can.

  1. Make a list of 5 qualities/characteristics of Yahweh that you believe with all your heart.
  2. Share this post along with your list.
  3. Flip the script. Leave “religion” in the dust and live like a son or daughter.

Don’t over complicate it. Let God love you. Then love others.

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