Whatcha Know Bout Me

Hey you! Yes you! If you’re reading this, you look GOOD! (Wow that was cheezy.. plz keep reading)

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, this page is like the dramatic 2-minute speech they give you to set you up for the ride. The speech that transports you to another world *cue the dark lights, cricket noises, and the smell of a forest*. If you’ve never been to Disney, my condolences. You might not feel as enthusiastic about my blog as a trip to Disney World (especially if you just stumbled here on accident… you’re welcome), but I am currently jumping up and down in excitement, channeling my inner 4 year old about to meet Mickey Mouse (no joke, I think I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last week).

First stop? Honest Island… I really, really, really (REALLY) did not want to start this blog. Why? Well, because in reality, all I kept wondering was, does the world really need another voice screaming another opinion? My conclusion? NOPE.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, Mariah, then why the heck am I sitting here reading an “about me” page for your blog?”. Excellent question my friend! It’s all because I have this one friend that is so absolutely, downright crazy who asked me to do it until I was so completely annoyed with saying “no” at least 12 times a day that I finally surprised myself and said the single word that gets me in the most trouble, “yes”. Finally, my heart began to change and I started asking the “what if” statements. You all know exactly what I’m talking about… the statements like, “what if he’s right?”, “what if the world DOES need another voice, but instead of screaming opinion, one whispering beautiful words of life?”, and “what IF it changes just ONE heart?”.

Whether or not you have met my friend or not (we call Him Sassy Jesus around here because if you have ever had more than one conversation with Him or read more than the famously quoted “nice” verses you hear in VBS, you know that He can be more than a *little* sassy to the people He loves), you know that He asks people to do the strangest, craziest things. So here, right where you’re sitting, is my strange, crazy adventure that is growing my faith one mustard seed at a time.

If not one person is influenced by this blog, that’s just alright. If my page gets 3 views (all of them being my mother & father), that is more than okay with me. Why? Because God has already stretched my faith and influenced my heart in ways greater than He ever could’ve without this crazy jump into the unpredictable. His love and heart for others has been so evident to me through this uncomfortable (terrifying) leap that He has asked me to make through launching this into existence for the whole world to view.

So right here, right now, is where the adventure begins!

P.S. Shoutout to the most beautiful, talented, and humble photographer I have ever met for this pic! Check out her work (and message her for a session yourself) on her facebook page here!